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535 1252d 18h Sausage /eoserv/trunk/ Ban table info is shown on startup (bug #290),
NPC drops are validated (bug #359),
"$d here" command copies direction / sit state (bug #399),
"$uj" added as an alias for "$unjail",
Group spells no longer heal the caster twice and over-heal (bug #389),
NPCs no longer favour a player standing on the same tile as them (bug #365),
Attacks will never miss a sitting player by default,
CriticalRate default has been changed to 0%,
Hits against NPCs at maximum HP is critical (CriticalFirstHit option),
Bows require arrows to be wielded (does not apply to the ranged Gun weapon hack) (bug #408),
Admins can see other online admins when permissions allow (bug #364),
Combat-restricted admins can cast spells on players with a capped healing value of 1 hp,
Combat nointeract no longer applies for players on PK maps, separate PKCombat restriction added
534 1267d 08h Sausage /eoserv/trunk/src/ Validate guild descriptions (bug #417),
Cap guild size to correct config value (bug #418)
533 1268d 00h Sausage /eoserv/trunk/ Enforce spell casting cooldown (bug #420),
Fix casting of zero-cast-time spells with timestamp enforcement enabled (bug #421)
532 1325d 02h sausage /eoserv/trunk/cmake/ Add missing command_source.cpp to source file list  
530 1336d 09h sausage /eoserv/tags/0.7.0/ Tagging EOSERV 0.7.0  
529 1337d 04h sausage /eoserv/branches/0.7.x/ Create 0.7.x release branch.  
528 1337d 04h sausage /eoserv/trunk/upgrade/ Set eol-style property on upgrade sql files  
527 1337d 05h sausage /eoserv/trunk/src/ Update version to 0.7.0  
526 1337d 05h sausage /eoserv/trunk/src/handlers/ Prevent donating gold to a guild while trading or item-restricted (bug #402)  
525 1337d 05h sausage /eoserv/trunk/src/commands/ Update nointeract setting when admin level is promoted (bug #400),
Prevent demoting an admin when it would remove their nointeract restrictions,
Unhide players when their admin level is set below $hide's requirement
524 1337d 06h sausage /eoserv/trunk/ Correct default value of unlimitedweight admin privilege  
523 1337d 06h sausage /eoserv/trunk/src/handlers/ Add missing check for reset quests in quest dialogs (bug #366)  
522 1337d 07h sausage /eoserv/trunk/src/ Try mitigate a crash in the case of lock wait timeout errors (bug #352)  
521 1338d 14h sausage /eoserv/trunk/ Update copyright notices,
Remove e-mail address in startup banner
520 1338d 14h sausage /eoserv/trunk/src/ Fix mistake in sha256_update  
512 1430d 21h sausage /eoserv/trunk/src/ Add missing npc_data source files  
511 1434d 18h sausage /eoserv/trunk/ Separate NPC data structure from NPC instances,
Fix a bunch of memory leaks
510 1434d 18h sausage /eoserv/trunk/cmake/ Remove duplicate files from CMake source list  
509 1434d 18h sausage /eoserv/trunk/src/ Fix hidden_end quest flag  
508 1474d 01h sausage /eoserv/trunk/ Add ln and exp functions to RPN evaluator,
Rename "exp" to "experience" for stat expressions,
Replace default hit rate and damage formulas with ones based on EO

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