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529 1287d 00h sausage /eoserv/branches/0.7.x/ Create 0.7.x release branch.  
439 1852d 03h sausage /eoserv/branches/0.6.2-mariadb/ Replace MySQL client library references with MariaDB client library,
Case-insensitive DBType config option
438 1852d 03h sausage /eoserv/branches/0.6.2-mariadb/ Create MariaDB branch of 0.6.2  
234 3058d 13h sausage /eoserv/branches/eoserv-sln2/ merge svn:eol-style changes from trunk  
232 3058d 22h sausage /eoserv/branches/eoserv-sln2/ Set svn:eol-style on all files  
230 3063d 19h sausage /eoserv/branches/eoserv-sln2/ Create SLN2 branch of EOSERV  
4 3899d 01h sausage /eoserv/branches/