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535 1252d 18h Sausage /eoserv/trunk/ Ban table info is shown on startup (bug #290),
NPC drops are validated (bug #359),
"$d here" command copies direction / sit state (bug #399),
"$uj" added as an alias for "$unjail",
Group spells no longer heal the caster twice and over-heal (bug #389),
NPCs no longer favour a player standing on the same tile as them (bug #365),
Attacks will never miss a sitting player by default,
CriticalRate default has been changed to 0%,
Hits against NPCs at maximum HP is critical (CriticalFirstHit option),
Bows require arrows to be wielded (does not apply to the ranged Gun weapon hack) (bug #408),
Admins can see other online admins when permissions allow (bug #364),
Combat-restricted admins can cast spells on players with a capped healing value of 1 hp,
Combat nointeract no longer applies for players on PK maps, separate PKCombat restriction added
534 1267d 08h Sausage /eoserv/trunk/src/ Validate guild descriptions (bug #417),
Cap guild size to correct config value (bug #418)
533 1268d 00h Sausage /eoserv/trunk/ Enforce spell casting cooldown (bug #420),
Fix casting of zero-cast-time spells with timestamp enforcement enabled (bug #421)
532 1325d 02h sausage /eoserv/trunk/cmake/ Add missing command_source.cpp to source file list  
528 1337d 05h sausage /eoserv/trunk/upgrade/ Set eol-style property on upgrade sql files  
527 1337d 05h sausage /eoserv/trunk/src/ Update version to 0.7.0  
526 1337d 05h sausage /eoserv/trunk/src/handlers/ Prevent donating gold to a guild while trading or item-restricted (bug #402)  
525 1337d 05h sausage /eoserv/trunk/src/commands/ Update nointeract setting when admin level is promoted (bug #400),
Prevent demoting an admin when it would remove their nointeract restrictions,
Unhide players when their admin level is set below $hide's requirement
524 1337d 07h sausage /eoserv/trunk/ Correct default value of unlimitedweight admin privilege  
523 1337d 07h sausage /eoserv/trunk/src/handlers/ Add missing check for reset quests in quest dialogs (bug #366)  
522 1337d 07h sausage /eoserv/trunk/src/ Try mitigate a crash in the case of lock wait timeout errors (bug #352)  
521 1338d 15h sausage /eoserv/trunk/ Update copyright notices,
Remove e-mail address in startup banner
520 1338d 15h sausage /eoserv/trunk/src/ Fix mistake in sha256_update  
512 1430d 21h sausage /eoserv/trunk/src/ Add missing npc_data source files  
511 1434d 18h sausage /eoserv/trunk/ Separate NPC data structure from NPC instances,
Fix a bunch of memory leaks
510 1434d 19h sausage /eoserv/trunk/cmake/ Remove duplicate files from CMake source list  
509 1434d 19h sausage /eoserv/trunk/src/ Fix hidden_end quest flag  
508 1474d 01h sausage /eoserv/trunk/ Add ln and exp functions to RPN evaluator,
Rename "exp" to "experience" for stat expressions,
Replace default hit rate and damage formulas with ones based on EO
507 1474d 01h sausage /eoserv/trunk/src/ Hide drop rate rescaling warning when DropRateMode != 3  
505 1476d 08h sausage /eoserv/trunk/ Fix project for pre-3.0 CMake  

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