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536 7d 05h Sausage /webcp/trunk/class/ Fix LoginRate error preventing logins (bug #465)  
519 1339d 11h sausage /webcp/trunk/ Simplify guild queries on individual guild pages and search pages too  
518 1339d 11h sausage /webcp/trunk/ Re-add uppercasing of guild names to Top Guilds page...  
517 1339d 11h sausage /webcp/trunk/ Optimize Top Guilds page more.  
516 1339d 11h sausage /webcp/trunk/ Make "Top Guilds" page run much faster on large databases  
515 1339d 12h sausage /webcp/trunk/ Remove "Edit Details" page,
Adjust header font size to try avoid text spilling over with some fonts,
Add eol-style native to a few files
514 1339d 12h sausage /webcp/trunk/ Remove accidental executable property on captcha.php  
513 1339d 13h sausage /webcp/trunk/ Rate limiting for invalid login attempts.  
506 1474d 05h sausage /webcp/trunk/ Fix account page error with ipcrypt disabled  
502 1478d 01h sausage /webcp/trunk/ URL encode stuff in templates,
Clean up remaining explicit html encoding,
Fix unencoded & signs in URLs,
Remove charset parameter from MySQL connection DSN
501 1478d 01h sausage /webcp/trunk/ Fix ip encryption to minimize encrypted output length  
500 1478d 05h sausage /webcp/trunk/tpl/green/ Remove more left over CSRF parameters in links  
499 1478d 21h sausage /webcp/trunk/ Standardize order of account search parameters,
Only insert CSRF token for POST requests
498 1478d 21h sausage /webcp/trunk/ Fix searching with encrypted details,
Fix pagination when searching by IP address
497 1478d 21h sausage /webcp/trunk/ Fix LIMIT queries on MySQL (PDO switch),
Fix error when attempting to encrypt null IP address
496 1478d 22h sausage /webcp/trunk/ Encrypt display of players' IP, HDID and Computer name (bug #405),
Fix logging in (PDO switch),
Fix deleting bans (PDO switch?),
Fix display and deletion of permanent bans (bug #369)
495 1478d 23h sausage /webcp/trunk/ Remove PHP mysql extension detection  
494 1478d 23h sausage /webcp/trunk/ Use more efficient pub caching format  
493 1479d 00h sausage /webcp/trunk/ Fix ban removal (PDO switch),
Remove broken query debug info (PDO switch),
Replace some braindead strings of increments in pub readers,
Fix caching of EIF, ECF and ESF data,
Option to hide/show the sum of bank gold on the home page (slow query)
492 1479d 01h sausage /webcp/trunk/ Replace Database class with PDO in preparation for PHP 7  

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